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Price of an IPv4 address $11.25

Microsoft has just bought more than half a million IPv4 addresses from Nortel Networks for $7.5 million (or $11.25 per address), as part of Nortel’s bankruptcy proceedings. Internet IPv4 addresses are hard to come by these days, notes ZDNet’s Steven Vaughan, so it’s no surprise that Microsoft bought 666,624 of them as demand for Internet addresses increases.

Google Custom Search Engine - Add it to Chrome and Maybe Other Browsers

As part of this blog page, I created a Google Custom Search Engine. You can too at the Google Custom Search Engine page.. My Google CSE searches (as of tonight) 69 different web sites and domains. I have included sites relating to Cisco, HP, EMC, NetApp, and VMware. These include the vendor sites, related youtube sites, wikipedia, partner and consulting companies sites, and many blog sites. In total, 78 web sites are searched.

You can add the Google Custom Search Engine to your browser. The search URL is:

ps. for those of you who don't hear it enough...Here is the famous Cisco MoH

Virtual Desktop at My House?

As a typical geeky network engineer, I enjoy those times when the awesome technology I work with makes its way home. I remember in the late 90's introducing my wife to the joys of a dial up modem and the Internet. Years later I brought home a Linksys Wireless Router and Comcast Broadband Internet Connection. She wasn't that impressed when I said the cable Internet connection was faster than the T1 I used at work.

I need to preface this with, we have five girls, 10 months to 9yrs. They are very technologically advanced. For Christmas, the four oldest got Apple iPod iTouchs.

The girls like to use our laptops to go to and Ok, we can handle it, we have two laptops, we can all share. Oh No!!! It was World War III in our living room. Four girls, two laptops, "Daaadddd she has been playing for a long time!!"

By the time you read this, we are the proud owners of a 1/4 acre of land with a hole in it. We are building a house. My wife is doing a wonderf…