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Cisco Unity vs. Unity Connection - Installation and Recovery Times

For several years Cisco has offered two Unified Communications voice messaging products. Unity, built on Windows Server, Exchange (or Lotus Domino), and MS SQL, and Unity Connection built on Linux and Informix.

I just spent 12 hours restoring a Cisco Unity system and thought this would be a good time to discuss the installation and disaster recovery process. I will skip the configuration steps to integrate with the phone system, create voice mail users, etc.

Overview of the Cisco Unity Installation ProcessI have been building Cisco Unified Communications Systems (or VoIP systems for the ol'timers) since 2000. Regular Unity has always been a complicated and comprehensive installation. There are many steps including things like "click options 2,3 and 5", "before proceeding to the next step, install this patch on the Exchange server", "if the Partner Exchange server is version 20XX, install Engineering Special ES9".

There is really four installations; Win…