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Using Cisco ASA NAT to Translate Outbound DNS Lookups to OpenDNS

So you have decided to use Cisco Umbrella or OpenDNS as your recursive DNS. Good choice! You update your internal DNS servers to point to

All done, right?

Then you check your firewall logs and notice there are devices sending DNS queries directly to public DNS servers. How can you force those devices to use

With NAT!

First you need to identify which external DNS servers are being used. Then you need to NAT DNS requests to those external DNS servers to the OpenDNS server.

NetApp ONTAP 9 Simulator and Free eBook

Just a quick post.

I found Neil Anderson on Twitter @flackboxtv. Neil is a CCIE as well as NetApp, VMware, FlexPod, Microsoft and AWS certified. His blog, Flackbox, is about Cloud and Data Center technologies.  Neil has many great video tutorials on NetApp and, more broadly, on SAN and NAS Storage Basics.

Neil is also offering a free 177 page eBook "How to Build A NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab". The lab is built on VMware Player with VyOS routing between networks. The lab includes two NetApp ONTAP clusters, SnapMirror, SnapVault, Windows and Linux hosts. To minimize host memory usage, not every VM needs to be powered on at the same time.

Flackbox is definitely worth checking out.