Putty Beta 0.62 Released


Putty version 0.62 has been released by Simon Tatham. Putty is my favorite Telnet, SSH, Serial Terminal Emulation client.

These features are new in beta 0.62 (released 2011-12-10):
  • Security fix: PuTTY no longer retains passwords in memory by mistake.
  • Bug fix: Pageant now talks to both new-style clients (0.61 and above) and old-style (0.60 and below).
  • Bug fix: PuTTY no longer prints a spurious "Access denied" message when GSSAPI authentication fails.
  • Bug fix: PSCP and PSFTP now honour nonstandard port numbers in SSH saved sessions.
  • Bug fix: Pageant no longer leaks a file handle when an authentication fails.
  • Bug fix: PuTTYtel no longer crashes when saving a session.
  • Bug fix: PuTTY now draws underlines under the underlined text instead of sometimes putting them somewhere off to the right.
  • Bug fix: PuTTY now should not draw VT100 line drawing characters at the wrong vertical offset

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